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A beginning!

Hello to everyone. I’m Marco, but those of you who read NeoGAF know me as Mpl90. For those who don’t know me, I’m an Italian guy who, just coincidentially, is also a rabid Nintendo hater who would love to see that company die to finally play Zelda on PS4 alongside real games #4theplayers like The Order 1886, and who also believes that Midna, after all, is quite a hornbat. …Naah. Jokes aside, this is “The Flying Thoughts”, something I wanted to do for quite some time. Actually, hidden in the sea of bullshit and amazingness that is the Internet, there’s an Italian blog the name of which, if translated, is the same as this one. And the reason for that coincidence is that it’s mine…a blog where I returned to write after a one-year hiatus just last January, with more frequent updates this month. But, with a renewed enthusiasm in sharing my thoughts or whatever comes up to my mind with the world, I decided to expand my dong…err, I mean the amount of people that can enjoy (or despise, the choice’s up to you ladies and gentlemen!) whatever I write. And so, here’s “The Flying Thoughts”.

Well, what will be “The Flying Thoughts” about? As just said, my thoughts or whatever comes up to my mind. However, considering gaming is my biggest hobby / passion, of course articles about gaming will be among the top features on this blog, but I want to talk about different topics from different fields in the future, and in different tones, between interesting and random (a wide spectrum, I know); hopefully, I can maintain this promise. Also, I don’t want to make promises (for now) about when articles will go up, how frequently the blog will be updated: simply put, article will go up when they can go up.

I…don’t think there’s that much else to say, honestly. This opening post should contain everything necessary as a presentation of this idea. The only thing left to say is a good way to salute readers, so… “Thank God for- ” no, that’s Jim Sterling’s closure…mmh…no, that’s Ideaman’s trademark, “If you need to le-” aah, too much Bayonetta in Smash…oh well, this should suffice.

See you soon, world!



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