Silence is deafening: brief update

This is going to be a small post, compared to my usual (and probably way too long, I know) 2,000+ words articles, but I suppose it’s needed, especially considering how there’s a strange silence about it, no major gaming news website has reported on the matter as of the time I’m writing this, I think. I feel that, despite the minuscle reach of this minuscle corner of the oceanic world wide web, if my contribution can do anything to inform anyone about this brand new development, then it’s all good. Before continuing, one question: remember all the people (like Patrick Klepek) who said that the harassment towards Alison Rapp wouldn’t have certainly ended with her being fired by Nintendo, right? Well…

Unfortunately, it’s happening again. Since yesterday, Alison has started reporting about brand new despicable actions by harassers. Not just against her.

Yep, gaters, haters of any kind, whoever their “flag” is, are now doxxing her, her family and friends of her family. And relatives of friends of her family. A massive scale attack against her persona and whoever knows her even not that directly. It’s the same thing that happened, as she stated, during her final month at Nintendo, with the harassers hitting people working at Treehouse as well. And she now is forced to talk to police to see if there’s anything to do with what’s going on.

Sincerly, I don’t care about the latest rumours about her second job (spoiler alert: the rumours state she was an escort as her moonlight job). Not in the context of this article. Simply put, no one deserves the costant harassment Alison Rapp is getting. And her family. And her friends. And relatives of people she jus-yeah, it’s fucked up. Hopefully, gaming media will pick up this new development of a long-going disgusting story, even if details are scarce…in the case, just put a “The story is currently developing. More details could come in the next few hours” as a warning, because it’s such a difficult and delicate topic that it needs to be treated as carefully as possible, no tabloid-like reporting, just good reporting, with good intentions behind. But she started tweeting about the new attacks around 18 hours ago, and it’s depressing to see no one reported about it yet. This is the worst element of this whole story, you should know by now, the silence by different fronts, at different times. And there’s nothing worse to see such damaging behaviour to continue. Everything is better than this silence in this case. I hope it’ll be (again, carefully) broken soon.

See you soon, world

P.S. #westandforfemalesingamingindustry


One thought on “Silence is deafening: brief update

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