New rewards for MyNintendo in NA and EU

Today is May 1st, which means that there are some new deals now available for all the people who created a Nintendo account and connected it to MyNintendo. At the time I’m writing this article, the new rewards are available only in North America and Europe, this article will get updated once rewards appear in Japan as well. Are you ready to see the new possibilities to spend some Platinum / Gold coins…or to not spend them if you’re not interested in the new proposals?

First of all, a small reminder of what game deals ended a few hours ago, courtesy of Nintendo Life

North America


And now, it’s time to show all the new rewards, as documented by GAF users Shiggy and Zonic

For North America, there’s a beefy list of new rewards substituting all the ones expired today

  • 15% off Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – 600 Platinum Points
  • 15% off Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 300 Platinum Points
  • 15% off Pikmin 3 – 300 Platinum Points
  • 15% off Dr. Luigi – 230 Platinum Points
  • 15% off Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move – 150 Platinum Points
  • 30% off The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes – 100 Gold Points
  • 30% off Tomodachi Life – 80 Gold Points
  • 30% off The Wonderful 101 – 70 Gold Points
  • 30% off Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – 50 Gold Points
  • 30% off Metroid Prime Trilogy – 50 Gold Points

The European list is quite shorter, but it features the first example of a digital discount offered on a yet-to-be released game. And double Captain Toad. Because we all need more EL CAPITAN TODD in our lives.

  • 20% off Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 600 Platinum Points
  • 20% off Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – 600 Platinum Points
  • 40% off Captain Toad:  Treasure Tracker – 100 Gold Points
  • 10% Fire Emblem Fates – 20 Gold Points

It’s important to notice how the Fire Emblem deal ends, of course, the morning the day the game releases.

As you may remember from my analysis of MyNintendo a few weeks ago ( you can find it here, by the way ), I talked about the economy behind the system thanks to maxcriden’s contributions, strictly for US though. Since we have new rewards in the mix, I’d say it’s time to see again the value behind each deal, now for EU too. This time, I’m going to use the scheme created by another GAFfer, Griss, around one month ago, when the first rewards appeared

Prizes (NA)———-Coins———–Value——-Coins needed for $1 value

15% off LM:DM                600 platinum          $6.00                                100

15% off SMG2                   300 platinum          $3.00                                 100

15% off Pikmin 3             300 platinum          $3.00                                 100

15% off Dr. Luigi              230 platinum          $2.25                                 102

15% off M&DK:Minis        150 platinum         $1.50                                 100


30% off Zelda: TH                   100 gold             $12.00                             8.3

30% off Tomodachi Life        80 gold              $10.50                              7.6

30% off TW101                         70 gold               $9.00                               7.8

30% off DKC:TF                       50 gold               $6.00                               8.3

30% off MP:Trilogy                50 gold               $6.00                                8.3


Prizes (EU)———-Coins———–Value——-Coins needed for $1 value

20% off AC:NL             600 platinum             $8.00                                 75

20% off CT:TT              600 platinum             $8.00                                 75


40% off CT:TT                     100 gold                $16.00                             6.25

10% off FE:Fates                  20 gold                $4.50                               4.44

Since there wasn’t such a detailed economics analysis back then for EU, I can’t exactly make comparisons as of now between the older rewards and the new rewards, but, if North America is the case, the ratios probably didn’t change that much, if not at all. Still, going by first impressions, Fire Emblem: Fates’s discount seems to be the reward for which the smallest amount of Gold points is needed so far.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this will guide your purchase well enough. Or it will guide you to no purchase at all, while waiting for new deals to come again. It’s not like Nintendo fans like me aren’t used at all to wait for, random example, the first details on the upcoming new console, ahah. *extreme suffering inside*

See you soon, world

P.S. #westandforfemalesingamingindustry




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