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New slogan for Nintendo of America?

If you followed social and retail activities from Nintendo of America recently, you have encountered a new colour / image motif from them: instead of the corporate grey logo on white background, white logo on red background. You can see it on every Nintendo Youtube’s video preview, as their new avatar on Twitter (the color scheme is used by Nintendo NY’s Twitter account too). Also, they renewed their retail presence back in the end of last year with the same motif and artworks of several Nintendo characters: two examples on the matter

Also, just see the already well-documented and not-praised-enough logo for MyNintendo, which is actually global compared to all the aforementioned initiatives, NA only for now.

Thanks to the recent 2DS price-cut commercial, it seems there’s a new element of this new advertising policy.

Yes, because Nintendo announced a new MSRP for the 2DS, now at $79.99 (including Mario Kart 7), a price aimed at the younger audience, as highlighted by the contestual announcements of both Style Savvy 3 and Disney Magical World 2’s american release. And there’s a commercial for it, posted only by PerfectlyNintendo’s Youtube account at the time of this post

Yeah, the commercial is pretty standard. Kids playing everywhere with their 2DSes, in parks, cars, and several times both the new price and games at lower prices are showed. Honestly, a bit too on the tame side, since there’s no voiceover, and I’m not such a fan of the pace of the advert. But whatever, this is not what’s important for the context of this post. Both the intro and the outro are…interesting. The outro is, indeed, the white Nintendo logo on a red background. And the iconic coin sound. But the ending is even more interesting, because this is what appears (credits to Eradicate on NeoGAF for making the gif)

A very nice animation with the classic 4-buttons layout, and then the new slogan appears: There’s no Play like it.

Intuitively, this sounds like a word-play, by substituting the word “place” with “play”, as to indicate how “There’s no place like Nintendo” (this slogan must be read as connected to the intro of the commercial), and to highlight the Nintendo games and hardware’s identity (and that’s why the 4-buttons layout is used: that’s the Nintendo setup, different from Microsoft’s and, of course, Sony’s). Also, considering how the intro and outro are strictly connected icon-wise and theme-wise, it’s rather difficult this is just a slogan for the 2DS.

Now, decent questions generated by this new piece of information are: how much is this going to be used in the future? Will Nintendo use this slogan to promote NX as well (maybe alongside NX’s own slogan, if there will be any console-specific slogan)? How will audiences react to this further element of the renewed NoA’s advertising policy? Does the presence of the button layout indicate that NX’s controller will feature physical buttons, after all…or is it a further hint that the free-form screen controller is real, since “There’s no play like it…because you can make it as you want!”? And can this slogan be 3D-printed as well? Are there trees hiding in any part of the animation, unveiling where that was made?

Partial jokes aside, this is another part of a change in look that Nintendo of America started back in September 2015, and certainly it’s going to be interesting to see what else is going to happen and (above all, personally) if the new look will be adopted by European and Japanese branches too, just like happened for MyNintendo.

See you soon, world

P.S. #westandforfemalesingamingindustry


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