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Guessing time! ft. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017


*checks his last post’s date*

Uh, so many months since my last article on this blog, wow. And so much stuff happened in the past few months, including…NX’s formal announcement, finally. Ops, sorry, I meant the Nintendo Switch’s formal announcement. An unusual kind of announcement, especially compared to what most people expected, form-wise: not a Direct of sorts, but a 3:30 video that teases the most relevant features of the device, some games, official name and logo, and then goodbye to January 12th / 13th (depending on your timezone) for everything else. And now, it’s just slightly more than two weeks before the day: that’s when we’ll see if the great and attractive package shown this October delivers and it crushes everything and shines more than the Sun and manly tears are shed for the awesome, or if it fails and crushes and brings Nintendo to their bottom and people will cry sad tears and-what’s going on with the hyperboles?

Seriously though, it’s going to be a major step in Switch’s life, and many people (me included, I’ll be honest here) hope the event will be good in several ways. So, I thought this is a good time to write about some games I’m expecting and / or hoping to see appear on stage or just getting announced. It should be fun to look back, after the Presentation, to see how much stuff I got right (or wrong. Mostly wrong, I’m sure).

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