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PSX memories ft. Crash 2 & 3. Or vs? Part 1

Ah, the first PlayStation, a console that I remember quite fondly. I was a child back then, and while I liked videogames, I still have way too many great if not amazing titles from that era I should’ve played (and that I should still play), but I’ve yet to even just try. Anyway, I have a good amount of gaming memories related to that console, like the first game I’ve ever played, Porsche Challenge. I still remember how I tried to steer in the game the first time I played it by actually steering the contoller. Ah, that Wii foreshadowing, if only I knew…

Seriously, though, I played several games on PSX, and, I have to be honest, there’s a series I’ve fell in love with back when it appeared on the first PlayStation, and it’s sad to see it now disappeared from Earth (…even if maybe not for long?!?): Crash Bandicoot “original” series.

MAJOR WARNING: This is a 4,000+ blog post, containing spoilers about both games. In case you haven’t played these games yet, avoid the rest of it. For all the others, see you all after the jump.

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