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E3 2016 ft. The Best and the Worst | Part 1

And another E3 came and went, quickly but still eventful enough.  It’s true, Nintendo did not show NX and had just one single game available to play on the floor, while EA made its own event, slightly outside E3, and several companies didn’t even have booths this year (including major players like Activision), but there’s still quite a lot of things to talk about, between game announcements, the conferences themselves, the cringe moments, the meltdowns…aah, that time of the year after all.

So, as a way to try to sum up what this E3 left to me, I’ve decided to make a list of the best at the show and one for the worst. These lists will include both games and extra-gaming stuff, like funny and awkward moments, specific elements of announcements. No, those won’t be rankings (even if it’ll be clear how some picking would’ve been higher than other in an hypotetical chart), but just collections of the things that surprised me the most, in both ways, as a mere viewer of a show that, when you really think about it, is a huge marketing monstrosity made of cringeness and (both intentionally and unintentionally) funny moments, with episodes of humanity here and there. Not the right time for this, though; let’s just enjoy (or despise) the best and the worst from this year’s E3, starting with the former in this piece.


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