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E3 2016 ft. The Best and the Worst | Part 2

Aaaaand here we go. Several weeks ago, I talked about what I thought were the Best things coming out of this year’s E3, while promising a follow-up article on the opposite side of the spectrum, and (while very, veeeeeeery late, especially compared to my initial plans) this is it. In case you missed the former article, you can find about it here

In any case, I remind this is not a ranking, but just a list featuring the stuff that surprised me the most (negatively, in this particular case); it’ll be clear how some items of this list would place in an imaginary ranking between each other, though.

This introduction sounds good enough to me; time start to dive into the second part of this feature (so ironic to say “time to” for such a long-delayed article, and after so much time passed since E3 ended, but they say auto-irony is a quality, after all…right?).

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